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The initial inspiration for these porcelain pieces are the monoliths and standing stones in and around Wiltshire (UK).   The base forms are adapted from a Liao Dynasty (916 - 1125AD) Chinese ‘saddle gourd’ (traveling flask) shape - a tall cylinder closed at the top.  Saddle gourds traditionally held water (or other liquids) for use on long journeys and would have a corked drinking spout.  In this case the forms are topped with 'lozenges' of coloured porcelain clay using a Japanese neriage (pronounced ner - ee - a - geh) technique.  The lozenges represent the standing stones and monoliths in the county while the colours in them reflect the varied and rich history of the county.   

These non-functional pieces aim to be pleasing to the eye, having an air of playfulness.  The plain stark white of the base acts as a support and provides a contrast to the vivid colours of the additions.  The liquidity of the transparent glaze helps to make a feature of the lozenges representing 'monoliths' or 'standing stones'.  The crazing of the glaze on some pieces is a deliberate feature adding contours in the surface that the eye can follow.  Each piece is unique.

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